Angelo Rolando Award

Angelo Rolando Service Award (ARSA)

What the award recognizes
A CGJA member for outstanding service to our organization

Who is eligible
A current CGJA member in good standing

Origin of award
In 1979 Angelo Rolando traveled throughout the State to create a grand juror association. Subsequent to that, organizational meetings began in San Diego. Following Angelo's death in 1991, representatives from the north and south associations established the Angelo Rolando Memorial Award to honor his memory. At the time, it was the highest award of distinction to honor one member who had performed outstanding service to the CGJA. From those beginnings came the CGJA. In January 2017, the name was changed to the Angelo Rolando Service Award to better reflect its significance.

2017 ARSA recipient is Karin Hern, Marin County.
Karin served multiple terms on the Marin County Grand Jury and was foreperson in 2006-07. She is past president of the Marin County Chapter of CGJA and served on its board for several years. Karin has been a member of CGJA for twelve years, was a member of the Board of Directors for eight years and continues to serve on numerous committees. She has long been part of the CGJA team that trains more than one thousand grand jurors throughout the state every year and has been CGJA's go-to-source for all matters related to California law as it applies to non-profit organizations. Congratulations Karin! 

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Award criteria
Substantive participation at both the state and county level in support of CGJA goals and objectives.
Exceptional leadership skills and is unusually effective in accomplishing projects.
The award is for past service and not for anticipated service.
The currently serving CGJA President is not eligible, nor are past recipients.

Submission requirements
Nominations are made by CGJA members in good standing. The preferred form for submitting nominations is via the website form (see link below). However, nominations may be submitted via postal mail or email, provided all the information on the website form is provided. Such entries should be sent to Joann Landi, 178 South Palomar Drive, Palomar Park, CA 94062.

ARSA Nominations Form

Nominations must be submitted by August 17, 2018.

When the award is announced
This annual award is presented at the CGJA Annual Conference (preferably at the banquet) by the CGJA President and Awards committee representative.