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Voting Members

A voting member is an individual who is serving or has served and completed the term on a regular Grand Jury or who has served as a District Attorney, County Counsel, or Judge as a legal advisor to a Grand Jury. Voting members pay dues and have all rights and privileges of the membership to include the right to vote on all matters as set forth in the California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law.
$30-1yr; 2yrs or more-$25/yr; Lifetime-$500.

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Associate Members

Any person interested in the affairs of the Corporation or the California grand jury system may be approved by the Board as an associate member upon payment of dues. Associate members are not entitled to vote on Corporation issues. Associate members may serve on committees.
Dues are the same as a Voting Member.
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Introductory Members

An individual who has been offered and accepted a complimentary membership valid during their term of Regular Grand Jury service, who has complied with the requirements for such complimentary membership and who is currently serving or been selected as an alternate on an impaneled Regular Grand Jury in any of the 58 counties.  A current voting member of CGJA is not eligible for IM status.  An IM has no vote in CGJA matters but does have voice at CGJA functions when recognized by the Chairperson. For more information, contact the Membeship Relations Committee at   

Honorary Members

Any person or business organization recognized for substantial and continual achievement in support of the California grand jury system may be approved by the Board for honorary membership. Honorary members are not assessed dues and are not entitled to vote on Corporation issues.