For a product description, or to order any of our merchandise, please click on the link below:

1. The BOOK - "The California Grand Jury System" - a concise (50+ pages) booklet on California's unique county grand jury system.  $10 per copy, tax and shipping included.

2. The DVD - "Agents of Change" - a powerful tool for grand jury recruitment.  Already in use in over 12 counties, this short video was designed primarily for exhibition to trial jury assemblies but is also useful as an audio-visual aid for speakers.  $45 per copy, tax and shipping included.

3. BANNERS - customizeable banners, made in the USA, to help announce events or aid in recruitment.  Direct from the manufacturer at very reasonable prices.

4. The DAYE INDEX - named for Les Daye, a former CGJA leader and trainer, it is CGJA's effort to log all grand jury reports in the state, by searchable category.  The Daye Index is available for use free online. More recent grand jury reports may be viewed by using the "Search Grand Jury Websites and Reports - Statewide" function.