Chapter Projects

Nothing builds Chapter enthusiasm like taking on and successfully completing projects geared toward helping educate the public about California's county grand jury system.  Here are some ideas:


- Distribute the FREE resources in the new Education Package.

- Purchase banners to help in the annual recruitment of new grand jurors.

- Ask your local Public Access TV station to air the video, Agents of Change, during grand jury recruitment -      

- Organize a coalition of civic-minded groups and RAISE FUNDS to ensure the publication of your county's grand jury reports and responses in a local newspaper of general distribution.  Out of Sight - Out of Mind!

- organize a Speaker's Bureau to give presentations to civic groups, school classes, and grand jury informational open houses about the importance of the grand jury system.  Take a laptop and projector to use the FREE online video, Agents of Change, and Teaching Aid as audio/visual tools.

- Purchase printed copies of our booklet, The California Grand Jury System, and distribute to incoming grand jurors, civics classes, Court personnel, and public officials.  Quantity discounts available.

- Purchase copies of the video, Agents of Change, for your county's Superior Court staff to air at regular trial jury assemblies to aid in the recruitment of volunteers for the next grand jury.

- Organize and host a Regional meeting for surrounding counties to share experiences and concerns.

- Organize and present a course at a local Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Chapter.

- Submit effective reports published by YOUR county grand jury  to the Grand Jury Achievement Report, a searchable database of grand jury reports that have made a difference.

- Have a Chapter fund-raising project like the one PLANET GREEN offers - recycling used ink cartridges, cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, digital cameras, GPS devices and other small electronics.