[Alameda County] A hefty bill: Alameda council members seek $200,000 for legal fees over city manager dispute

Jim Oddie, Malia Vella accused of violating city charter, costing $1 million

ALAMEDA — Two city council members, whose actions a grand jury said have already cost Alameda more than $1 million, are seeking approximately $200,000 from the city for reimbursement of their legal costs as a result of allegations that they violated the city charter over the hiring of a fire chief.

[Alameda County] Grand jury: Oakland Unified wastes millions each year on administration, consultants

The scathing report blames “poor business practices” and a “broken administrative culture” for the district’s fiscal crisis.

OAKLAND —  Oakland Unified School District’s budget problems  — often attributed to  declining enrollment and inadequate state funding — are largely due to a “broken administrative culture” that squanders millions of dollars instead of spending the money on students, according to a scathing Alameda County Civil Grand Jury report.

[Alameda County] BART’s New Double Gates Don’t Actually Stop Fare Evaders, and Most Citations Go Unpaid Anyway

Blog note: this article references a recent grand jury report.

BART has a well-documented fare evasion problem — and one that it's likely been under-reporting — and the transit agency's latest method of curbing the problem doesn't look like it's doing much at all.

[Alameda County] Grand jury report finds ‘no vital points’ at Santa Rita Jail – The Mercury Information

DUBLIN — An Alameda County civil grand jury investigation that started after information of a lady who gave start alone in a jail cell screaming for hours, and an inmate who died shortly after being launched, concluded that there have been “no vital points” with the Santa Rita Jail.

[Alameda County] BART chief: 5% of riders cheat fares, not 15% as reported by grand jury

BART’s top official is pushing back against a civil grand jury report that said the transit system’s fare evasion rate is three times the official estimate — saying 5% of riders cheat fares, not 15% as the report stated.

“At this point, we must clarify that BART has never estimated its fare evasion rate as 15 percent, as noted on page 129 of the report,” General Manager Grace Crunican wrote in a letter sent Monday to the foreperson of the Alameda County civil grand jury.

[Alameda County] Grand jury report finds Oakland Unified School District is failing its students

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - In a scathing report, the Alameda County grand jury accuses the Oakland Unified School District of having a broken culture, concluding the district is not doing justice for its 36,000 students in 87 public schools.

"It isn't like you can point to this one thing and say, 'Oh, they did this one wrong.' It's pervasive," said Ray Souza, a member of the Alameda County grand jury.

[Alameda County] Grand jury: Alameda County supervisors endangered public by changing Urban Shield exercise

Report said county leaders should have listed more to first responders than activists

OAKLAND — Alameda County supervisors made residents “less safe” when they agreed to modify a law enforcement training exercise to suit the desires of activists instead of first responders, a move that resulted in the loss of federal funds, according to a civil grand jury.

[Alameda County] BART’s fare-evasion collection tally: One $95 payment on 6,000-plus tickets

Blog note: this article references a grand jury report.

If BART had a motto for its fare-evasion ticket collection program, it might be, “No pay — no problem.”

Out of the more than 6,000 unpaid and delinquent proof-of-payment tickets issued in 2018, BART has managed to collect on only one so far.

“For $95,” said spokesman Daniel Tahara of the state Franchise Tax Board, the agency that is supposed to do the collecting.

Here’s the story:

[Alameda County] Civil grand jury will not recommend removing Alameda councilmember

A forthcoming Alameda County civil grand jury report will include an investigation into allegations that Alameda councilmembers violated the city charter by exerting undue influence on its then-city manager to hire a fire chief candidate of their choice, according to sources aware of the section in the report due to be released this week.