[Madera County] Residents speak out, after Madera County Grand Jury report details alleged wrongdoing by city staff

“We have our own fireworks here, and we don’t need a, have to, light a match,” Madera resident Ron Montoya said.

Just one day before the Fourth of July, those fireworks briefly exploding inside Wednesday night’s Madera City Council meeting.

“One change that hasn’t been made, is removing our mayor,” Madera landlord and part-time resident Khalid Chaudhry said.

[Madera County] Grand Jury Report: Finds unethical practices & intimidation by Madera mayor and council members during meetings

A grand jury report about the inner workings of the Madera City Council and it’s finances paints a concerning unethical picture.

The grand jury states it began its initial investigation after salaries were increased for department heads in the city of Madera.

At the same time, residents had their water rates increased.

So the grand jury was trying to determine if there was a connection.

The grand jury says after attending several council meetings, it turned its attention to the mayor and the city council.