[Napa County] State Attorney General's Office disagrees with grand jury charges against John Tuteur

The state Attorney General’s Office has decided not to oppose Napa County Assessor John Tuteur’s request to dismiss four grand jury accusations against him of “willful or corrupt misconduct.”

All four counts against Tuteur either fail to state a claim of willful misconduct or lack sufficient evidence, the Attorney General’s Office said in court papers filed Friday. The 2017-18 county grand jury is seeking to remove Tuteur from office.

[Napa County] Napa County's high-profile Bremer and Tuteur court cases delayed

Two prominent legal cases affecting Napa County – those involving Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk John Tuteur and Bremer Family Winery—continue to see red-letter court dates delayed.

As of Friday, no new dates had been set for either case by Napa County Superior Court as each case winds through various complications.

The 2017-18 grand jury accused Tuteur of four counts of “willful or corrupt misconduct” and seeks his removal from office. Tuteur court filings called the accusations a “misadventure” and a “waste of judicial and public resources.”

[Napa County] Napa County Grand Jurors Association to host forum on wildfires Oct. 9

The Napa County Grand Jurors’ Association (NCGJA) will host a speakers’ forum discussing “Napa Wildfires – One Year Later – What’s Changed?” on Oct. 9.