[Nevada County] Nevada County sheriff wants body cameras in use by new year

Blog note: this article references a 2016 grand jury report recommending the use of body cameras.

The Nevada County Sheriff's Office expects to have its deputies using body cameras by next year, an about-face from Sheriff Keith Royal's original decision to forego the technology.

A $123,000 grant announced Thursday will fund the cameras' start-up costs. It'll take about three months to create policy for them, research what cameras they want and put them out to bid. Royal said he'd like them in place by the time he leaves office in January.

[Nevada County] George Boardman: Isn’t it time for the Sheriff’s Office to start using body cameras?

Blog note: this opinion piece references a grand jury report.

Residents of Nevada County say they want more transparency from public agencies, but the willingness of these bodies to shine more light on their activities has been mixed at best.

The Board of Supervisors and the Grass Valley and Nevada City councils provide more information and access than most people probably want, but then there's the Nevada Irrigation District and the Nevada County Fair Board.