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[San Diego County] San Isidro School District still doesn’t have a bond oversight committee

In 2016, in light of a county grand jury report that highlighted the misuse of bond money by former San Ysidro school administrators, the school board voted to establish a citizens oversight committee. Almost two years later, a panel has not been created.

[San Diego County] Taggers’ paradise or slum bait?

Bladimir Lopez of Vista was arrested for 300 graffiti in 2014

Graffiti is nothing new along transit routes. The local trolley's general manager was quoted in 1987 saying graffiti clean-up was a high priority. "When graffiti is noticed, it is our policy to remove it immediately."

But the problem persists. According to a June report, grand jury members found as they traveled the county via trolley, coaster, and bus that "graffiti was clearly evident in and around all areas of mass transit."

[San Diego County] Neighborhood Planning Groups Are Not Closed Off to New Voices

Those who try to portray disputes over development as simple clashes between renters and homeowners, or seniors and millennials, show an unfamiliarity with residential quality-of-life issues.

Blog note: this article references a recent grand jury report.

So far, 2018 has been the year when San Diego’s community planning groups became an endangered species.

[San Diego County] Never mind...City council and school board dismiss survey results

Blog note: this article references a 2016/17 grand jury report.

The San Diego City Council rules committee had a special meeting at city hall Wednesday (June 13) to conduct an initial review of proposals to place measures on the November 6 general election ballot.

Eight proposals were measures seeking to reform school board elections for San Diego Unified School District. People have been calling for this reform for years.

[San Diego County] Grand Jury: Bring Back Program That Reduced 911 Overuse

In the final report of its term, San Diego County's 2017-18 grand jury Wednesday recommended the city of San Diego find a way to bring back a program aimed at reducing unnecessary 911 calls.

From 2010-16, the city ran the Resource Access Program pilot project, a paramedic-based team that identified and provided services to a relatively small number of people who were determined to frequently call 911 for situations that were not life-threatening or medical emergencies.

[San Diego County] Grand jury criticizes San Diego management of $27M corporate partner program

The county grand jury says San Diego is not properly managing its corporate marketing partnerships, making it impossible to determine the success of a program that city officials say has generated $27 million since 1999.

In a report released on Monday, the civic watchdog panel recommends the city keep more accurate records, maintain them for longer and distinguish revenue from other contributions by businesses, such as providing equipment.

[San Diego County] Zap More Graffiti, San Diego Grand Jury Tells Local Governments

Local governments and jurisdictions throughout the region can do more to mitigate graffiti, San Diego County’s grand jury said Tuesday in a report.

Grand jurors said county residents see an “enormous” amount of graffiti, especially along mass transit routes, but it’s often unclear how and where to report the graffiti and get it removed.

The 19-member body recommended agencies consolidate resources and find a way to create one, single method for reporting graffiti across the county.