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[San Luis Obispo County] SLO County has the power to limit vehicles on the Oceano Dunes — but it won’t

Blog note: this article reports on the Board of Supervisors' response to a recent grand jury report.

Residents who live downwind of the Oceano Dunes off-road park for years have said that county leaders could pressure State Parks to shut down riding in certain areas to decrease dust pollution — particularly because the county owns land in the major vehicle thoroughfare known as the La Grande Tract.

[San Luis Obispo County] SLO County should limit Oceano Dunes riding if 5-year dust plan fails, grand jury says

San Luis Obispo County's civil grand jury not only agrees with officials that poor air quality around the Nipomo Mesa is caused by off-highway vehicles at the Oceano Dunes recreational vehicle park, but it says the Board of Supervisors could substantially eliminate the health risk with "a stroke of their pens."