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[San Luis Obispo County] Letter-to-the-Editor: Remembering Ambassador Shlaudeman

Ambassador Harry Shlaudeman (see Dec. 18 Tribune obituary) did indeed serve his country with great distinction. He also served us in San Luis Obispo County as a member of the 2002-03 civil grand jury. Many of us fellow jurors will remember his very thorough, insightful and often humorous jury meeting minutes. Those minutes not longer exist, of course, because of grand jury confidentiality.

December 20, 2018

The Tribune

From Jim Ragan, Cambria

[San Luis Obispo County] Paso Robles schools are in fiscal meltdown again. Citizens deserve to know why

Blog note: this editorial references a 2012 grand jury report in commenting on a 2018 action.

There’s no sense sugar-coating it: Once again, public schools in Paso Robles are in serious financial trouble, roughly five years after climbing out of a huge financial hole.

The Paso Robles community deserves more than vague explanations; it’s time for a full accounting of what, exactly, went wrong.

On top of that, the school board — which includes three first-time members sworn in just this week — has other major work to do: