Santa Barbara

[Santa Barbara County] Santa Barbara County supervisors strongly disagree with grand jury report on internal controls

A grand jury report highly critical of Santa Barbara County’s internal financial controls received strong pushback Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors, which disagreed even more sharply with the findings than the staff’s recommended responses.

Supervisors were required to respond to all 11 findings and to 14 of 19 recommendations made in the report published June 20.

[Santa Barbara County] Council approves response letter to Santa Barbara County Grand Jury

In a 5-0 vote, [Carpenteria] City Council members voted to approve a letter in response to the 2017-2018 Santa Barbara County Grand Jury report on pensions in the County. The report “Pensions in Santa Barbara County” includes 12 findings and two recommendations and asks each of the nine local government agencies in Santa Barbara County to respond to these findings.