[Shasta County] Letter to editor: Local government fails community on crime issue

Millions of dollars that should have gone toward jail capacity and recidivism misappropriated and nobody is paying attention and calling for accountability or resignations?

A grand jury report conveniently released on a Friday after the sheriff election?

Repeat offenders on the streets of Redding harassing us and now we learn that our safety was intentionally jeopardized by those we entrusted?

We have a Redding 2.0 crime Facebook site, we're pissed about all the crime but we aren't paying attention and protesting this gross misconduct?

[Shasta County] City of Shasta Lake responds to Grand Jury report

CITY OF SHASTA LAKE, Calif. — A Grand Jury report released Monday says the City of Shasta Lake rushed to sanction legal marijuana but the City Manager disagrees.

The report says the city isn't prepared for the excess electricity, water, and sewage cannabis-related industries require. It also pointed out the lack of planning with the Shasta County Sheriff's office on added enforcement.

The Grand Jury also said the city isn't handling cash correctly that is coming in from the cannabis-related businesses.

[Shasta County] Shasta Lake moved too fast on cannabis industry, grand jury says

The city of Shasta Lake rushed too quickly to effectively plan for the growth of cannabis businesses in that city, the Shasta County grand jury said Monday in its most recent report.

And, it said, the city should stop all planned development in its Shasta Gateway Industrial Park complex, which has been zoned for marijuana-related businesses until it adds a secondary access road there.

Shasta County Executive Officer responds to Grand Jury report; says safety is top priority

REDDING, Calif. — A Grand Jury report claims Assembly Bill 109 money was not used to alleviate Shasta County jail issues. The Jury is calling on the Board of Supervisors for answers. 

The Grand Jury report, issued June 7, spotlights the lack of jail space and rehabilitative measures in Shasta County, despite an influx of AB 109 funds.

Shasta County Grand Jury finds AB 109 funds were spent on general fund programs

REDDING, Calif. — A Shasta County Grand Jury report released Friday revealed that AB 109 funds given to Shasta County to add and create rehabilitative programs and services to reduce recidivism were spent on programs previously funded by the county general fund.

According to the report, since 2011, Shasta County has received Assembly Bill 109 funding from the State of California for use in dealing with persons formerly incarcerated in state prisons and reassigned to county responsibility.

[Shasta County] Grand jury takes aim at jail bed capacity

A 13-page report issued by the Shasta County Grand Jury Monday explains in detail the "critical" need for

Shasta County Grand Jury issues statement in regards to the City of Anderson 2014 Measures A and B

An investigation by the 2017-2018 Shasta County Grand Jury into the City of Anderson’s Measure A (a sales tax increase), and Measure B (a tax spending advisory), showed the City of Anderson’s City Council has fulfilled its promise to spend 50% of the tax revenues generated from Measure A on the Police Department. The Grand Jury decided to study this issue in order to hold government accountable and inform citizens whether their Measure B advisory vote was being followed.

[Shasta County] Developer wants to buy Stillwater Business Park

Blog note: this article references a grand jury report questioning the viability of the business park.

A Southern California company that develops land around the world wants to buy the remaining 15 lots in Stillwater Business Park.

The Redding City Council in closed session Tuesday will consider whether to continue discussions with Panattoni Development, which has offices in the United States, Canada and Europe.