[Yolo County] County working to preserve history

The Friends of the Yolo County Archives is a local all voluntary nonprofit organization whose members share the Grand Jury and The Davis Enterprise’s passion for our local history.  Our primary mission is to support the Yolo County Archives and promote the preservation and access to local history. As the President of FYCA, I would like to provide some clarification to the recent article entitled “Grand Jury: Decaying archives jeopardize Yolo County history.”

Yolo County Grand Jury says pension debts creating a crisis

Pension and retiree health insurance costs for the cities of Davis, West Sacramento, Winters and Woodland are consuming increasing portions of their budgets, putting extreme pressure on other city service priorities.

[Yolo County] Grand jury: Decaying archives jeopardize Yolo County history

Yolo County’s historical records are decaying and disintegrating in an inadequately temperature- and humidity-controlled building in northwest Woodland, according to a Yolo County grand jury report released Wednesday.

[Yolo County] Elections Office follow-up

In a separate report also released Wednesday [June 6], the grand jury found that Yolo County Elections Office has sufficiently addressed issues identified in a 2016-17 grand jury investigation.

“Given the appointment of the new elections officer in 2016 and the confirmed improvement of Elections Office operational practices, the grand jury has only two further recommendations to make,” the new report states.

Those recommendations are:

[Yolo County] Grand jury: Assaults, escape by Juvenile Hall youths went unreported

Potential felonies by detainees at Yolo County Juvenile Hall — including assaults on staff and an escape — went unreported to the district attorney’s office last year in violation of state law, according to a grand jury report released late last week.

The 11-page report blames “sloppy policies, inconsistent document flow and inadequate staff training” at the county Probation Department, which operates the Woodland facility, for the failure to report all but one of the crimes, according to a news release accompanying the document.

[Yolo County] Yolo Grand Jury analyzes its effects on local government

The Yolo County Grand Jury Friday released its annual impact analysis, “Did the 2016-17 Grand Jury Improve Local Government?” The analysis looks at county and school district responses to six investigative reports published by the Grand Jury last year.

The six reports contained 43 findings and 30 recommendations focused on improving local government. The reports were titled:

•“Yolo County Elections Office Indiscretions and Culpability”

•“Yolo Habitat Conservancy: Perseverance, Preservation and Possibilities”

Yolo County Jail inmate visits ‘discouraged,’ Grand Jury report reveals

Monroe Detention Center visitation policies have been unnecessarily onerous and have discouraged family and friends from seeing inmates, according to a report released Friday by the Yolo County Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury’s investigation, triggered by a citizen complaint in July 2017, found that Yolo County’s main jail required visitors to telephone between midnight on Sunday and 7 a.m. on Monday to schedule a visit with an inmate for the week ahead. Appointments could not be made online.

Yolo County conservation plan could see approval

Blog note: this article references a grand jury report critical of the Yolo Habitat Conservancy.

The final Yolo Conservation plan — which has been in the works since the 1990s — will be considered for certification during an upcoming meeting.

The Yolo Habitat Conservancy will receive an updated plan and presentation that will encompass the environmental impact statement and the environmental impact report, according to a report prepared by Executive Director Petrea Marchand and Project Manager Heidi Tschudin.