California Grand Jurors Association

is proud to present

a FREE education package for all California citizens.

One of the goals of this all-volunteer non-profit organization is to provide education opportunities for all citizens of California about our state's grand jury system in its civil oversight function. These tools are designed to increase public awareness of this important institution, and encourage participation in it.

Serving on YOUR county grand jury is democracy in action.

The package includes:

1.   Agents of Change is a 4 1/2 minute video presentation that provides an overview of the system and testimonials of a number of actual grand jurors. View at no charge here - Agents of Change

2.   A 60-page booklet, The California Grand Jury System, describes the history, the law and the practices of grand juries. To view or download, click Grand Jury Book.

3.  A short description of the grand jury system to be used as a teaching aid. View and download -Teaching Aid.


While CGJA encourages the free use and distribution of the electronic products listed above, a broadcast-quality DVD copy of the video, Agents of Change, and/or a printed copy of the book, The California Grand Jury System,  may also be purchased at CGJA Publications and Merchandise.

-   Purchase price of the DVD is $45, tax/shipping included.  Originally made for the Courts to educate and recruit grand jurors by showing at regular trial jury assemblies, it is also a useful audio/visual aid for any group presentation.  (currently being used  in 15 counties!)

-   The purchase price of a printed copy of the Grand Jury Book is $10, tax/shipping included.  Significant quantity discounts are available by contacting