Excellence in Reporting (EIR) Awards

Excellence in Grand Jury Reporting and/or Excellence
in Grand Jury Media Coverage

EIR Award nominations are closed for 2017. Results will be announced at the 2017 CGJA Annual Conference in Monterey on October 29.

See Past Awards for a listing of past recipients.

When the awards are announced
The annual awards, with appropriate recognition, are presented at the CGJA Annual Conference in the fall of every year.

2016 EIR Award Nominations
​   Grand Jury Reporting Award 
​   Grand Jury Media Coverage Award

Award criteria
     Grand Jury Reporting Award
         Report quality -- legible, documented, succinct, complete, and understandable
         Citizen Impact: Importance or severity of problem
         Duration/persistence of the problem
         Difficulty of the investigation - many agencies, bureaucratic interference (e.g., denials,
            subpoenas), etc.
         Substantiated findings and recommendations within the report
         Exposure of the report by the media, or response from the public
         Documented success of the investigation

    Grand Jury Media Coverage Award
         Nominations may be based on the coverage of a specific grand jury report or on the overall
​           coverage  given to a grand jury throughout the year.
        The criteria for the News Media Award include:
                  Increasing public awareness and understanding of the grand jury system
                  Increasing public awareness of a specific grand jury investigation
                  Improved public understanding of the issue investigated
                 Community awareness of the outcome of a grand jury investigation

Requirements and limitations:
Nominations may be made only by a CGJA Chapter or Association for its county. Where there is no Chapter or Association, nominations may be made by a CGJA member who resides in the county. 
 A county may nominate only one grand jury report and one news media coverage topic per year. A single grand jury report may be the subject of both awards.
The nominated report must have been published within the preceding five years (2012-2016) -- thereby allowing sufficient time for responses and implementation).
Nominations must be submitted online by going to this link:

Detailed instructions and Link to NOMINATION FORM