[Shasta County] Shasta Grand Jury report focuses on CodeRED system flaws

Redding, Calif. — The Shasta County Grand Jury published its 2018/2019 findings and designated the CodeRED system as it's biggest concern.

The 50 page document reads, "Our primary concern is that CodeRED is underutilized."

KRCR asked Shasta County Undersheriff Eric Magrini why this is just now becoming a concern.

" So we've always had a plan," said Magrini, "for example, in the inner mountain areas of Shasta County we have evacuation plans with Cal Fire but to put it simply, fires are faster, they are more intense, and they are more dangerous than in years past."

Another issue with sending out warnings is the switch from land lines to cell phones.

"Is there anyway at all that everyone can be informed even without signing up. There's no system that does that?"

"There's no system that [warns everyone without a sign up process] because the information we get from the phone companies is only as good as what is being provided to us," said Magrini. "People move frequently and change their number. The information we have is only what we can gather from people who register or from what we get from the phone companies for the land lines. So, this really puts the burden back on the people to be responsible and register for this service."

The grand jury report done in early 2019 reads "less than half the households in Shasta County are registered with CodeRED". Magrini says that number has increased since the report was done.

Which is why the grand jury is recommending more effort go into signing people up.

It also recommends an easier way to sign up.

Magrini says a governing board that oversees SHASCOM will look at the report as well and formulate a response to each of the concerns."

July 2, 2019


By Julia Avery