Sample Documents

Posted here are resource materials for regular (civil) grand juries from various sources. Some have been provided to us by grand juries from throughout California and the others were written by CGJA’s Training Committee.These documents can be used by grand juries when updating their local procedures manual (also known as their “rules of procedure”), or when devising forms, templates, checklists, and other tools that can make the jury’s workload more manageable. None of these documents should be construed as legal advice. We urge you to consult with the grand jury's legal advisor before adopting or using any of them. The grand jury should keep in mind that any changes to its rules of procedure require a supermajority vote. We thank the contributing grand juries for sharing these materials with their counterparts in other counties.

Please note that CGJA does not vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the documents provided to us by grand juries.

Most of the following templates or form letters are in Microsoft Word and can be downloaded or modified to suit each jury’s needs. We hope and trust they will prove useful.


Table of Contents

Grand Jury Procedures Manuals and Other Rules and Guidelines

Fresno County Procedures Manual
Mendocino County Procedures Manual
Santa Cruz County Procedures Manual
Shasta County Procedures Manual
Shasta County Procedures Manual Appendix
Sonoma County Procedures Manual
Yuba County Procedures Manual

Code of Collegiality
Code of Ethical Conduct
Example of Ground Rules
Foreperson Administrative Guide
Rules of Order Adapted for Grand Juries  (adapted from Robert's Rules Simplified)
Sample of Meeting Rules
Social Media Strategy - San Luis Obispo County


Internal Documents: Forms, Contracts, etc.

Agenda - Full Panel Meeting
Agenda for Committee Meeting
Choosing Effective Committee Chairs
Committee Assignment Preference Form1
Committee Assignment Preference Form2
Committee Assignments
Confidentiality Agreement, IT Services
Confidentiality Agreement, Printer
Grand Juror Employment Recusal Report
Juror Exit Form 1
Juror Exit Form 2
Juror Resignation Form
Skills and Interests Inventory
Timeline of Grand Jury Activities

Grand Jury Correspondence

Acknowledge Receipt of Correspondence
Email Confidentiality Notice
Press Release 1
Press Release 2

Documents Related to Citizen Complaints
(The letters listed address different situations)

Complaint Acknowledgement Letter 1 - general
Complaint Acknowledgement Letter 2 - lack of jurisdiction or information
Complaint Acknowledgement Letter 3 - carryover to next term
Complaint Form (English)
Complaint Form (Spanish)
Complaint Log
Complaint Status Log

Documents Related to Investigations

Admonition Form
Admonition Humboldt County (updated)
Advantages and Disadvantages of Recording Device Use for Grand Jury Interviews
Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) Jails Inspection Handbook
Committee Proposal for Investigation
Confidentiality Statement for Interviews
Detention Facility Inspection Form
Inmate Authorization
Interview Confirmation
Interview Script
Interview Thank You
Investigation Checklist
Investigation Timeline
Phone Script for Scheduling Interviews
Prioritizing Investigation Topics
Request for Records
Subpoena Duces Tecum
Subpoena Request Form
Subpoena for Witness and Records (developed by CGJA)emtes

Report Writing Templates and Forms

Report Writing Template – an interactive tool useful to prepare reports in a consistent fashion.(not compatible with MAC/Safari). For juries that use Google Docs, contact to obtain a Google Docs version.
Report Writing Template - for MAC/Safari users in .pages format.
Checklist: Required Report Content and Editorial Standards
Checklist: Required Approvals for Reports
Example of a Report Review and Approval Procedure
Helpful Hints for Writing Reports
Report Critique Form
Report Logic Matrix
Report Response Template
Report Review Checklist
Report Status Log
Report Tracking Matrix
Request for Legal Advisor Review
Sample Form to Transmit a Report to Legal Advisor or Judge
Sample Press Release
Sample Report Approval - Judge
Sample Report Transmittal Cover Letter
Sample Report Transmittal with Request for Responses
Sample Report - Garfield Roads Report