Excellence in Reporting Awards

Nominations Period: Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2021.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED in order to submit a nomination online:
A.    Whether the nomination is for the A) Best Grand Jury report, B) Best Media Coverage award or C) Both
B.    County
C.    Date and title of the specific report being nominated for the Best Grand Jury report (if A or C)
D.    Name(s) of media outlet or reporter(s) nominated for the Best Media Coverage award (if B or C)
E.    Chapter, Association, or CGJA member (if no CGJA Chapter or Association) submitting the nomination
F.    Contact name (if different from above)
G.    Contact mailing address
H.    Contact telephone number
I.     Contact e-mail address
J.     Either online links (URLs) or electronic copies of supporting documentation for the following:
   1.    Nominated grand jury report (Best Report award) and/or media outlet (Media Coverage award)
   2.    Official response(s) to the report by county agencies or individuals, as required by the investigation (for A or C)
K.    Electronic copies (PDFs or JPGs or such) of media articles (in all cases). Links are no longer sufficient as they have become inaccessible to nonsubscribers.
L.    Rationale: A brief explanation of why this nominee should receive the award

                    AWARD CRITERIA (download evaluation forms at cgja.org/excellence-reporting-award)

The criteria for the Best Grand Jury Reporting award include:
Significance of the issue, topic rationale.
Clear description of the investigation.
Findings follow from facts, recommendations based on the findings.
Clarity of the language, objectivity and fairness.
Identified problems accompanied by suggested means for resolution.
Impact on the citizenry.
Difficulty of the investigation.
Media coverage.
Agency acknowledgement.
Changes resulting from the report.

The criteria for Best Grand Jury Media Coverage award include:
Nominations may be based on the coverage of a specific grand jury report or on the overall coverage given to a grand jury throughout the year
The criteria for the Media Coverage Award include:
Increased awareness of the county's current or most recent civil grand jury
Reported on the responses to grand jury report(s)
Educated community about the civil grand jury system in general
Covered the important basis of the grand jury report(s)
In-depth reporting vs superficial account
Extensive reporting (e.g., one-time versus multiple accounts and/or audience reach)
Additional points for information on obtaining reports, applying for and submitting complaints to the grand jury

Boxes with astericks (*) are required information. If you have questions, please contact Barbara Sommer, Excellence in Reporting (EIR) Subcommittee Chair at basommer@ucdavis.edu or by phone at 530-756-7553. She will acknowledge receipt of the online nomination submission within a few days.

For Award A or C
Provide URLs (links as needed) to the official (required) response(s) to the report, or e-mail as attachments (be sure to name county in e-mail subject line) to basommer@ucdavis.edu
For Award B and C
Send electronic copies (PDFs or JPGs or such) of media articles (in all cases) as email attachments to basommer@ucdavis.edu in support of the nomination. Links are no longer sufficient as they have become unavailable to nonsubscribers.