Foreperson and Pro Tem Workshops

This form is to be used to register for the 2020 Foreperson and Pro Tem Workshops ONLY.  If also attending a regional seminar, please click here to register for both.  Please complete this form on your computer, preview and correct any errors, print a copy for your records, then click the submit online button.

Workshop Information: CGJA is conducting four one-day Foreperson and Pro Tem Workshops.  The workshops will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m.  Hotel information and more details are available at  Coffee and light snacks (morning only) will be provded.  Lunch will be available at the hotel or nearby restaurants but is not included.

Registration Instructions:  Please use this form to register all attendees from your county.  If the name of the foreperson or protem is not yet known, enter as "to be named later."  CGJA will be happy to bill the County if billing information is provided.  Otherwise, payment must accompany this form.  Please check boxes and fill in the blanks below including the attendee information.  For questions, call Marsha Caranci at (530) 242-6554. 

List attendees below.  If the name of the foreperson or pro tem is not yet known, enter as "to be named later."

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