Volunteer Interest Form

CGJA is an all-volunteer membership organization.  We succeed mainly because our members volunteer to serve on our committees and/or train grand jurors.  Serving on committees almost never requires travel.  We communicate via email and computer video and telephone teleconferencing.  Trainers travel throughout the state.  We reimburse them for lodging and pay the government rate for mileage and a modest per diem for other expenses.

CGJA volunteers work mainly in committees and/or as grand juror trainers.  Click on the committee links for more information (opens as a second page).  The Volunteer Interest Form follows the descriptions below at the bottom of this page:

Annual Conference Committee - oversees the preparation and conduct of the CGJA annual conference.

Awards Committee - administers the selection of winners of the awards given throughout the year.

Bylaws and Policy Review Committee - reviews proposed amendments to CGJA Bylaws and Policies, committee procedures, and chapter bylaws.

Finance Committee - oversees CGJA's financial management.

Legal and Legislative Resources Committee - formally responds to legal and "best practices" questions; monitors legislative activity affecting the grand jury system.

Membership and Chapter Relations Committee - encourages membership and chapter formation and communication, supports regional activities.

Public Relations Committee - publishes the CGJA Journal; educates the public in support of California's regular grand juries.

Technology Committee - oversees and supports CGJA's technical data, data storage, and communications resources; manages the website.

Training Committee - develops and conducts annual training for grand jurors, alternates, forepersons, and grand jury legal advisors throughout the state.

Trainer - train grand jurors under direction of the Training Committee.

In which areas are you interested in volunteering?