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Instructions for Submitting Letters, Articles, and Photos to the Grand Jurors' Journal

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The Grand Jurors’ Journal is one of our major outreach tools to members, grand juries and anyone interested in the California Grand Jury System. We welcome articles, letters, and photos from all sources. Below are the guidelines for submitting articles. We are especially interested in articles on Grand Jury issues or solutions to improving public education of the grand jury system in California.

Articles should be emailed as attachments to Barbara Sommer, Editor,

If email is not available, please contact Barbara at 530-574-8334 for instructions.

Please identify in your file name your organization and date.

Letters to the editor are limited to 200 words. (One hundred words for "Kudos" thank-you letters).

The Journal will highlight opinion articles written by readers, experts, and issues advocates. They may be 500 to 600 words in length.

The normal deadline is the fourth Monday of odd-numbered months. A reminder is sent to the Board, all Chapters and other interested parties.

The Editor is the final authority of what to print.

Journal Format Guidelines

Preferred: Prepare in Microsoft Word or SimpleText

Single space

Insert page numbers

Font doesn't matter other that at least 11 points (Headings should be bold to highlight)

Do not format the document, for example:

          Use Left Alignment of text (do not justify right and left margins)

          No indent on first line of paragraph

          One line between paragraphs

          Minimize use of tabs, bullets and numbered items

Tables in Word (Exception: Financial statements may be in Excel)

Do not provide any input in Adobe Acrobat (pdf)

Digital photos preferred in jpeg, tiff, or bitmap file types. Do not embed photos in text article. Submit them as separate attachments. Please provide identification of all individuals in the photo (except large group shots).

Absent digital photo capability, glossy prints acceptable. Please advise so we can provide mailing address.

For questions or comments, contact