Answers to the Question, “Why should I join the CGJA?”

Being part of a statewide organization that shares your ideals and concern for preserving and protecting the civil grand jury system;
A desire to support the programs of CGJA (public education, widespread dissemination of grand jury reports, recruitment);
The resources offered by CGJA (training, legal questions, sharing of recruitment ideas);
Fellowship at our Annual Conference & Membership Meeting with devoted, hard-working volunteers from around the state; this conference rotates to various locations throughout California and is held in the fall of each year.

CGJA Scope of Activities

We represent the civil grand juries of California at the county and state level.

Individuals: support the association via dues and volunteer activities.

Community and Chapter: joining a chapter gives you a chance to continue relationships with former colleagues; to stay in touch regularly; to stay involved with community issues; to have a unique outlet for socializing, and to continue your service to the community through juror recruiting and interviewing activities or by report follow-up through Implementation Review.

CGJA Committees for State Service: for those who want a broader experience there are committees and activities that support the CGJA Mission and Purpose:

  • Training of new jurors in most California counties
  • Publications such as Grand Jury law compendium, and the Civil Grand Jury System book
  • Web page with focused Google search engine and Civil Grand Jury News
  • Social media
  • Legislative and Legal Resources Committee to monitor legislative activity and respond to inquires about grand jury law
  • Excellence in Reporting Awards and Certificates of Special Recognition
  • Coordination of support activities

CGJA is expanding its horizons to add additional support services to meet our Mission. This includes working to develop educational materials about our important civil grand jury system for distribution to all California’s high schools and other institutions.

By joining CGJA you can continue to serve your community. CGJA needs your support and involvement in order to make sure the civil grand jury system in California continues to be effective and continues to grow.

For further information about CGJA or the benefits of membership, contact

CGJA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with no paid officers or directors.