Benefits of CGJA Training

CGJA training gives grand jurors the information and best practices guidance they need to competently conduct their civil “watchdog” activities — investigating and reporting on local government entities within their county. Our knowledgeable and skilled faculty is comprised of former grand jurors and grand jury legal advisors with years of experience.

Through our comprehensive training program, grand jurors gain:

  • An increased understanding of grand jury purposes and authority
  • A broad knowledge of the structure and functions of the local public agencies under the grand jury’s jurisdiction
  • A methodology for choosing which local public entities and topics to investigate
  • Practical advice for drafting fact-based reports that can prompt improvements in the operations of local government
  • An understanding of the collaborative processes used in conducting their investigations and writing reports
  • Practice in techniques for working effectively as part of a collegial body

Over 55 counties annually contract with CGJA to provide grand juror training. CGJA’s training programs exceed the legal requirements for grand jury training required by California Penal Code Section 914(b).


Comments from a grand juror after Report Writing Training in 2022:

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the training on writing reports. While the training ran counter to the way I would have written the reports, … I followed the recommended route. We wrote the findings and recommendations first, … locked them down, … and wrote the other pieces. Very smooth. So, thank you for giving us a great roadmap. I’m so glad I took your advice.”

Comments from a Pro Tem after Foreperson and Pro Tem Workshop in 2022:

“The content was interesting and thorough. All of the presenters were effective, knowledgeable, and welcoming of questions. There was never a moment where I did not feel engaged or intellectually stimulated.”

Comments from a juror after attending Report Writing and Grand Jury Training in 2022:

“It’s ALL excellent material and the instructional design of the modules is excellent. All of the trainers are well informed and helpful and there is humor – always helpful. I have a training background so I know what it takes. The Report Writing and the Grand Jurors’ Training were both excellent and really helped our panel get going much faster than finding out everything piece-by-piece and probably trial by error. THANK YOU.”

Comments from jurors after attending Grand Jury Training in 2022:

“The content was excellent – expansive, yet presented in a lively manner which kept me engaged and wanting to know more.”

“I arrived to this grand jury with woefully little knowledge about grand jury policy and process – and even less about best practices. Your manual as well as your presentations have been essential in helping me feel less intimidated by the challenging year ahead.”

“These two days went by quickly – the presenters made it easy to understand and digest”

“All presenters were knowledgeable and articulate and covered the topics well. The hands-on use of the Garfield case study was especially effective. The three trainers working together with our group was a great demonstration of the last topic – collegiality!”

“As an attorney, I have taken literally 100’s of hours of training for mandatory legal education. This was probably the best training I have ever attended. The presenters were great and the content was compelling.”

For more information about our training programs, go to Training General Information or contact Marsha Caranci, Training Committee Chair.