CGJA is an all-volunteer membership organization. We succeed mainly because our members volunteer to serve on our committees and/or train civil grand jurors. Serving on committees almost never requires travel. We communicate via email and computer video and telephone teleconferencing. Trainers travel throughout the state. We reimburse them for lodging and pay the government rate for mileage and a modest per diem for other expenses.

CGJA volunteers work mainly in committees and/or as civil grand juror trainers. For more information on each committee click on any of the committee links (opens as a second page). Then close that page returning here as the Volunteer Sign Up Form follows the descriptions below at the bottom of this page -OR- for a mail-in form click here.

CGJA has critical needs for expertise across the organization which are detailed here. Please contact the appropriate committee chair if you are interested in filling one of the roles described.


Annual Conference Committee – The ACC supervises the planning of the Annual Conference, suggests policy, and establishes procedures to plan, coordinate, and host the conference.

The ACC needs people who enjoy planning and assisting in organizing an informative conference program. This includes site selection, developing a conference theme and obtaining quality speakers and topics for the event. A willingness to assist others to facilitate a professional, informative program for members is a must. An interest in leading or assisting the leader in such a team is a plus.

Contact: Lloyd Bell


Awards Committee – Oversees all awards, including the Angelo Rolando Service Award, Excellence in Reporting, and Certificates of Special Recognition. Do you think that exemplary service should be recognized? If you answered “yes” then serving on the Awards Committee is a perfect fit. CGJA has a number of awards recognizing outstanding service to the Association.

Contact: Joann Landi


Bylaws and Policy Review Committee – This committee reviews proposed amendments to CGJA Bylaws and Policies, committee procedures, and chapter bylaws.

Contact: Karen Jahr


Finance Committee – This committee develops and tracks the annual budget, provides oversight of the financial management of the association, reviews monthly financial reports, oversees restricted and non-restricted funds held by the association, and creates receipts and expenditure policies that guide association officers and committees.

The Finance Committee seeks detail oriented individuals familiar with business budgeting. Familiarity with QuickBooks or other accounting software is desired. A willingness to learn such accounting software is a plus. A desire to become familiar with other committee operations and financial requirements is most helpful. Anyone wishing to lead this committee as chair should contact the CGJA president.

Contact: Dan Freeman


Legal and Legislative Resources Committee – This committee formally responds to legal and “best practices” questions; monitors legislative activity affecting the civil grand jury system.

Contact: Karen Jahr


Membership and Chapter Relations Committee – Membership and Chapter Relations Committee (MCRC) needs volunteers to help with a wide variety of tasks. If you are familiar with or are skilled at any of the following tasks, we’d love to have you join us at our monthly meetings, currently being held via Zoom on the 1st Thursday of every month at 4:30 p.m. Meetings usually last about an hour.



Working with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with the specific ability to sort data in various ways (i.e., last name, county, CGJA region, and so on).
Knowledgeable in using Microsoft Word and its mail merge function.
Familiarity with Constant Contact or a desire to learn how to use it.
Creative thinking! Bring ideas for gaining new members, retaining current members, and reaching out to former members to strengthen CGJA’s ranks.


Chapter Relations-focused:

Ability to represent MCRC at occasional meetings of Chapters, one meeting per month (or more?) – this broadens CGJA’s knowledge of what chapters are doing, learning their best practices, and being available to direct chapters to the various resources of CGJA. Relationship building!
Help new chapters work through the CGJA Chapter Formation Guide, basically being their assigned mentor during the process – a background or knowledge of what’s needed to form a nonprofit organization would be ideal.
Gathering and organizing data from the chapters, preferably in Excel format.


General Information:

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 4:30pm via Zoom.
We use email communication a LOT.
A positive “customer service” attitude means an enjoyable experience for both members and chapters.
If you like engaging with people and seeing direct results of your efforts, then Membership and Chapter Relations Committee is for you!

Contact: Jim Glover


Public Relations Committee – Communicates and maintains relations with CGJA members, chapters, and independent grand jurors’ associations, media sources, and the general public. Activities include social media, the bimonthly Grand Jurors’ Journal, other news periodically to members, and multiple efforts to promote civil grand jury awareness throughout the state.

PRC needs people with the desire and hopefully background or skills to work in at least one of the above activities. Our most urgent need is for someone to become our social media force. And we are always looking for people who can help us promote the grand jury system with the media.

Contact: Juliana Jones


Technology Committee – This committee oversees and supports the technical data, communications resources and deploys cohesive technology strategy across the Association ensuring the security and privacy of its financial, legal, and membership information; manages the website.

The Technology Committee needs an assistant webmaster to become a second administrator working with the webmaster to maintain the CGJA website. This requires strong computer skills, good working knowledge of Microsoft Office tools, knowledge of website navigation, and the ability to quickly learn new skills in a working environment. Will have specific responsibilities and over time become capable of managing the website for short periods independently. Must be detail oriented.

Contact: Lou Panetta


Training Committee – This committee is responsible for all aspects of the development and delivery of the CGJA training program for new civil grand jurors, alternates, forepersons and pro tems, legal advisors, judges, and court personnel. TC responsibilities include curriculum development, plannng and handling of logistics for all CGJA’s training events, and the selection and development of new CGJA trainers. These tasks are handled by several subcommittees. CGJA trainers and subcommittee members are not necessarily members of the Training Committee, but are welcome to attend meetings.

The Training Committee needs administrative help for the CGJA Training program – someone willing to assist the Training Committee chair with administrative tasks, including: organization of training venues and schedule; communications with courts, counties, and civil grand juries; organizing logistics (manual distribution, equipment, refreshments, accommodations, etc) for training venues; and other administrative tasks. Skills required include use of email, good communication skills, organizational skills, and proficiency in Word and Excel.

The training committee also needs trainers in the topics of Local Government, Grand Jury Law, and Legal Topics (law degree required for the latter two). Must be able to travel some and teach virtually using Zoom as needed. Skills required include knowledge and experience gained through civil grand jury work (or as a grand jury’s legal advisor) and good presentation skills; professional experience in teaching or training is helpful.

Contact: Marsha Caranci

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