The Technology Committee is a standing committee of CGJA which is comprised of CGJA members who have experience in computer application and communications technology. The committee has three major functions:

1) The committee monitors the development of advances in technology that could lead to systems upgrades that would improve the member experience or provide for more efficient and secure operations of the CGJA.

2) The committee implements and supports the technical systems in use by the CGJA board members, civil grand jurors, and association members.

3) The committee maintains the CGJA website to promote the CGJA and the California civil grand jury system. The website also provides links to other websites with useful content for civil grand jurors, CGJA members, and anyone interested in the system.

Examples of production systems in use by the CGJA include the association’s website (, various enrollment processes for class and conference registration, and cloud applications used for secure storage and retrieval of the association’s records.

For more information about the Technology Committee or its support or informational functions, please contact Lou Panetta, Chair.