The Legal & Legislative Resources Committee (LLRC) is a standing committee of CGJA which is comprised of attorneys, members of our training team, and CGJA officers and members who have experience in grand jury law and state legislative matters. The committee has two functions:

1. The committee answers questions about California law and practice related to the grand jury’s civil functions (but not about the indictment process, which is its criminal function) from grand juries, individual grand jurors, court personnel, and the grand jury’s legal advisors, with the understanding that LLRC’s responses cannot be taken as legal advice. All questions should be posed as hypotheticals.

2. The committee monitors California legislative proposals that could lead to legislation affecting the powers or duties of county grand juries. When legislation is proposed that could harm the grand jury system, the committee provides its analysis of the proposed legislation to state lawmakers and their staff, as well as to sitting grand juries, and may address the Legislature or its committees on the likely effect of the proposed legislation.

Questions about how county grand juries operate in California, CGJA’s recommended best practices for grand juries, or the law that governs the grand jury’s civil functions may be submitted to LLRC by email to Karen Jahr, Chair, LLRC. For a list of common questions and answers, go to our FAQ Page.

In accordance with state confidentiality laws, grand jurors who submit questions should not reveal whether their jury has initiated or is considering initiating an investigation of a particular government entity, program or official (see Penal Code §924.1).

For more information about LLRC, or its legislative or informational functions, please contact Karen Jahr, Chair.