The Awards Committee (AC), a standing committee, shall be solely responsible for establishing and administering all CGJA awards and other forms of recognition (“awards”). The AC establishes eligibility criteria for each award. The AC selects or otherwise designs any tangible evidence of an award such as a plaque, framed certificate, or other memento.

The AC chair serves as liaison to the Public Relations Committee (PRC) to ensure that there is adequate publicity involving award nominations and to promote public awareness and recognition of award recipients. The committee is organized with a chair and vice-chair, and such number of members as the AC chair deems necessary to carry out the committee’s responsibilities. Members shall be appointed by the AC chair. As required by paragraph B of CGJA Policy Manual Section 6.20, all members of the committee and its subcommittees shall be CGJA members in good standing.
Committee decisions regarding awards shall be forwarded to the president for presentation. The president may designate a representative to present an award where necessary.

The following awards are administered by the Awards Committee:

Certificates of Special Recognition
Certificates of Special Recognition were established July 16, 1998. Certificates may be issued at any time to grand juries, CGJA chapters or independent associations, individuals (whether CGJA members or not), or organizations for exemplary services or innovations benefiting the California grand jury system CGJA Policy Manual and/or promoting the CGJA mission statement and to individuals or organizations that are making or have made significant contribution to the achievement of effective service by the civil grand jury within their county.

Excellence in Reporting Awards (EIR)
The Excellence in Reporting Awards were initiated in 1995 and are given annually at the CGJA Annual Conference or Annual Membership Meeting in recognition of (1) the Best Grand Jury Report and (2) the Best Grand Jury Media Coverage of the community impact of grand jury reporting.
Nominations may be made only by a CGJA chapter or independent association for its county, except that where there is no such chapter or association nominations may be made by a CGJA member resident in that county. Each county may nominate only one grand jury report and one news media report for its county each year.

The EIR subcommittee reports its recommendations for the awards to the full committee, which upon approval shall cause the awards to be prepared and forwarded to the president for signature. The awards can be presented by the president or a designated representative. The subcommittee also prepares the criteria for eligible grand jury reports and news media reports to be published in the Journal.

Angelo Rolando Service Award
The Angelo Rolando Service Award has been given annually since 1992 in recognition of outstanding and exceptional service to CGJA by a CGJA member in good standing. Written nominations for the award may be made by any CGJA member in good standing. The CGJA President is not eligible for this award while holding office.

The committee, which upon approval shall cause a plaque and related certificate to be prepared and forwarded to the president for signature. The award may be presented by the president or a designated representative.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Established on April 6, 1995, this award is given on that occasion when the board of directors wishes to recognize exceptional and important work performed by a current CGJA member over an extended period of time to further the goals and purposes of CGJA. Except as the board of directors may otherwise direct, the board alone shall determine when, and to whom, this award is made. The board may request that the Awards Committee review and make recommendations concerning a board nominee for this award. Where the board approves the award, the committee shall cause appropriate documentation and a plaque or other memento to be prepared for presentation as the board shall determine.

Award Criteria
Except as the board may otherwise direct, the AC may from time to time review and revise the eligibility criteria for any award, including the frequency of candidate selection.