CGJA Suggestions for Chapters Juror Recruitment (PDF) This is an overview compiled from CGJA member and chapter experiences. The items that follow are specific activities undertaken.

Ideas for Achieving Diversity in Grand Juries (PDF) This is an article from the CGJA April Journal containing actionable tips from the CGJA Diversity Workgroup for recruiting a Civil Grand Jury that is fully representative of your county.

Alameda & Contra Costa Counties Juror Recruitment Op Ed (PDF) This is an editorial from the January 27, 2022 East Bay Times written by the two chapter chairs.

San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury Recruitment (PDF) Comprehensive program for court/chapter recruitment of 2016-17 civil grand jurors.

San Joaquin Chapter Jury Recruitment Letter to County Organizations (Word) Sample letter to county civic organizations for recruitment.

Shasta County Chapter-Court Personal Services Court-chapter formal agreement that spells out court and chapter responsibilities in juror recruitment.

Sample Interview Questions This is but one sample of questions that might be asked of applicants to become civil grand jurors.

Placer County 2022-23 Grand Jury Application Good example of an application form for civil grand jury service.

Agents of Change A four-minute video produced by CGJA that has been used for recruitment of jurors in petit jury rooms and to civic organizations. Excellent video to accompany in-person presentations.


Recruitment Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Marin County Grand Jury 2017 Recruitment PSA

Santa Barbara County Grand Jury 2024 Recruitment PSA Video

San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury Information Session (PDF) Set of 16 slides used in information sessions recruiting 2014-15 civil grand jurors.

Butte County Superior Court Information Video (15 minutes)

Orange County Grand Jury 2022 Recruiting PSA Set of looping slides useful for display in jury assembly rooms


County Resolutions Declaring a Month as Civil Grand Jury Awareness Month (several chapters work with boards of supervisors to develop and promulgate the resolutions to coincide with juror recruitment)

Mother Load Chapter Sample Proclamation – 2020 (Word)

San Luis Obispo County Proclamation – 2022 (Word)

San Luis Obispo County Awareness Presentation – 2022 (PP)

Shasta County Resolution for Grand Jury Awareness Month – March 2016 (PDF)

San Joaquin County Resolution for Grand Jury Awareness Month 2016 (PDF)


Recruitment Documents in Spanish

Santa Cruz County Grand Jury Applications Now being Accepted (Spanish)

Santa Cruz County Grand Jury and its Function (Spanish)