The Member and Chapter Relations Committee (MCRC), a standing committee is responsible for:

Establishing and executing a program of member recruitment, membership renewal, and member return designed to maximize member growth and retention; that program isa coordinated with and supported by the CGJA Board of Directors and other committees. MCRC maintains the CGJA database and derivative membership lists. With the assistance of the Finance Committee, MCRC develops and maintains a Chapter Formation Guide. MCRC provides a copy of the Chapter Formation Guide and other information, guidance, and assistance to groups of sitting and/or former regular grand jurors who wish to form a new chapter or reactivate an inactive chapter of the association. MCRC facilitates the exchange of information regarding chapter successes or best practices with the other chapters of the association.

MCRC oversees the member volunteer program and is the custodian of information about the expertise and interests of the CGJA members and their willingness to volunteer. The purpose is to determine the aptitudes and interests of those members who indicate a willingness to assist in the work of the CGJA, and to provide a basis for the development of CGJA leadership in future years.

MCRC develops the Volunteer Interest Form to be attached to the membership application form and distributed with the association’s invitation for membership or membership renewal.

MCRC works productively with other CGJA committees as follows:

  1. MCRC shall encourage the Public Relations Committee’s recognition of member and chapter accomplishments worthy of public exposure. MCRC should bring to the attention of the Public Relations Committee such accomplishments as they become known.
  2. MCRC and the Public Relations Committee shall promote the recognition that the recipient and CGJA receive from the Awards Committee’s presentation of an award.
  3. MCRC shall work with the Training Committee to encourage the promotion of CGJA introductory and voting membership during the various training programs conducted by the Training Committee.
  4. MCRC shall work with the Annual Conference Committee to ensure that the annual conference accommodates time and space for a gathering of chapter representatives to address matters of common concern.

The MCRC Chair appoints a member of the committee to act as the CGJA database manager. The CGJA database shall include all current members plus other persons or organizations that CGJA communicates with regularly. In accordance with Section 2.40 of the CGJA Policy Manual, MCRC shall produce, as needed, a current list of all members and their class of membership. Classes of membership are set forth in Section 2.20. MCRC shall supply the Nominations-Elections Committee with the names and addresses of CGJA voting members eligible to vote for directors of the association as of the date set by the Nominations-Elections Committee in order to allow timely distribution of ballots. MCRC may, upon written request, release to any CGJA member in good standing a list of current CGJA members in their respective counties, as provided in paragraph H of Section 2.40 in the CGJA Policy Manual, for the purpose of chapter recruitment. Such lists may include address, telephone number, email address, and membership class. Membership lists shall not be provided to any non-CGJA members.