The Public Relations Committee (PRC) is a CGJA standing committee established to increase public understanding of the association and the value of civil grand juries within California. The committee has multiple functions:

CGJA Grand Jurors’ Journal – The PRC creates, edits, and publishes the bimonthly Grand Jurors’ Journal. The Journal provides current information concerning issues, events, and activities about the California civil grand jury system. Articles of particular interest to sitting civil grand juries are sought for every issue. The Journal is sent either electronically or by hardcopy mail to all CGJA members, including Introductory Members, civil grand juries, court personnel, and others interested in the civil grand jury system.

CGJA News – CGJA News is a bimonthly publication sent electronically to members and other deemed appropriate in the alternate months to distribution of the Grand Jurors’ Journal. It is generally prepared by the president, reviewed by the board, and distributed by the PRC. When a single topic of a critical nature needs to be shared with the membership an “E-blast” is created and distributed in the same manner.

Press Releases – The PRC chair or the CGJA president will make all association communication releases to external media sources, associations supporting civil grand juries, and the public relative to association events and newsworthy association matters upon prior approval of the PRC, CGJA president, and the recognized leader of the news/event subject.

CGJA News Blog Website – The CGJA News Blog, maintained by the PRC, is a posting on our website of news articles from media sources about California civil grand juries in all counties. It provides a running display about how the media are covering what civil grand juries are doing throughout the state.