What the award recognizes

Exemplary services or innovations benefitting the California grand jury system and/or promoting the CGJA Mission Statement.


Who is eligible

Certificates may be issued to civil grand juries, CGJA chapters or independent associations, individuals (whether CGJA members or not), organizations and to individuals or organizations that are making or have made significant contribution to the achievement of effective service by the civil grand jury within their county..


Origin of award

Established in July 1998.

Past recipients (recent)


Award criteria

Documentation of performance showing exemplary services or innovation with regard to the California civil grand jury system and/or the CGJA.


Submission requirements

The Certificate of Special Recognition subcommittee shall approve or reject any nomination, and upon approval shall cause an appropriate certificate of recognition to be prepared and forwarded to the President for signature and presentation. Contact the chairperson of the Awards Committee.



Nominations can be made at any time.


When the award is announced

Certificates may be presented at any time at an appropriate location.