Each year the CGJA honors a member for outstanding service to our organization. The award is presented at the Annual CGJA Conference. We look to the members of CGJA to nominate members they consider worthy of receiving this prestigious award. Nominations may be submitted via postal mail, email, or online using the form below.

In arriving at a decision to nominate someone you believe deserving, please consider that this award is for past service and not for anticipated service n future years. Some factors you may wish to consider:

  1. Substantive participation at both state and county level in support of CGJA goals and objectives;
  2. Has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and is unusually effective in accomplishing projects;
  3. A nominee must be a current member of CGJA and there will be no multiple awards;
  4. The currently serving CGJA president is not eligible to receive this award in that year.

Past recipients are not eligible for re-nomination.

The 2022 Angelo Rolando Service Award was presented to Barbara Sommer in honor and recognition of her exceptional service to CGJA. Barbara served three terms as a CGJA Director, two of those terms as Board Secretary. She champions recognizing and rewarding exceptional grand jury and media reports and has chaired the Excellence in Reporting Subcommittee since 2012. Barbara joined the Public Relations Committee in April, 2017. Later that year she took over as Editor of the bimonthly Journal and redesigned it into it’s current electronic form. Barbara chairs the Diversity Study Workgroup and is a member of numerous committees.

See Past Awards for a listing of past recipients.


Submission requirements

Nominations are made by CGJA members in good standing and are submitted on the form provided below (preferred). An asterisk (*) signifies required information. Nominations will close in August 2023.


When the award is announced

This annual award is presented at the CGJA Annual Conference (preferably at the banquet) by the CGJA President and Awards committee representative.



If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, feel free to email at or call at (650) 365-4184. Nomination form is below or you may fill out, print, and mail to Joann Landi, 178 South Palomar Drive, Palomar Park, CA 94062.

Rolando Award Nomination

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