Local Government Information

These documents and links provide resources about local governments throughout California. Included are publications from the California Attorney General’s Office on transparency and ethics laws. These resources will be of primary use to grand juries in support of their investigations leading to final reports, but may also be useful to anyone interested in the particular form of local government or in good government generally.


Title 15 Minimum Standards for Local Detention Facilities
These two documents from the Board of State and Community Corrections describe the standards that can be used for Grand Jury detention facility inspections

             Title 15 - Adult          Title 15 - Juvenile

General Law City vs. Charter City
A document describing the key differences between these two forms of city government

Joint Powers Agreements
A publication of the California State Senate describing independent agencies established by contracts between governments

Joint Powers Authorities/Agencies List

Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)
A publication of the California State Senate describing
this form of government agency

Special Districts
A publication of the California State Senate

Special Districts - Improving Oversight & Transparency
A publication of the Little Hoover Commission

CSDA Special District Mapping Project
(a way to search for independent special districts)

Municipal Codes for various California counties and cities

The Brown Act

The California Public Records Act

Conflicts of Interest